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Chincha Chancha Cooroo
Chincha Chancha Cooroo, or The Weaver’s Wedding is based on a Bengali animal fable. Rajah's friend, the clever Jackal, is determined to straighten out the weaver's life by finding him a wife - the King's daughter-no less. With the help of a crowd of noisy animals and birds, the Jackal sets Rajah on the road to riches and success--but in the end, it's the Princess, not the Jackal, who really changes his life. The two-act family opera will be performed by an intergenerational cast ranging from ages 6 to 82 for audiences of all ages.

Date: 04/04/2009
Location: Peabody School 70 Rindge Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140
Time: 7:00 PM

Organized By: North Cambridge Family Opera

Cost: $10 Adults $5 Children

Contact: Donna M. Keefe sondela@comcast.net

Web: www.FamilyOpera.org

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