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Hindu American Foundation Awareness Campaign Lunch
Hindu American Foundation (HAF), an advocacy group for the Hindu American community, interacts with and educates leaders in public policy, academia and media about Hinduism and domestic and international issues of concern to Hindu Americans such as human rights, the public expression of religion, the public portrayal of Hinduism, and hate speech.

At this event, learn about:
* National issues facing the Hindu American community
* HAF and its goals, objectives, and efforts to fight hate crimes, discrimination, and terrorism against Hindus
* HAF’s work with the Supreme Court and US Congress, HAF’s Annual Hindu Human Rights Report, media campaign and more
* HAF’s summer internship program for high school and college students
* How you can be a part of HAF

A few of HAF’s 2006-2007 highlights include:
* Successfully worked for the passage of the Diwali Resolution through the US Congress
* 1st ever address by a Hindu organization at a Congressional human rights hearing
* Released third annual report on the status of Hindu human rights
* Launched campaign to protest disruption of Senate's Hindu prayer
* Hired a full time Public Policy Director, Development Director, and Office Manager, and established an office in Washington, D.C. – the 1st full time office & staff in DC for any Hindu group ever
* Won a lawsuit against the California State Board of Education for misrepresentation of Hinduism and inequity in how Hindus have been treated in the textbook adoption process
* Released the 1st ever report on internet hate against Hindus

Date: 02/22/2009
Location: MATCH Public Charter School, 1001 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA, 02215
Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Cost: Free

Contact: 917.215.0146

Web: www.HAFsite.org
Email: office@hafsite.org

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