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Lec-Dem & Workshop By Shri Kalpesh Dalal Researcher and Choreographer.
Lecture-Demonstration and Workshop By Shri Kalpesh Dalal, Researcher and Choreographer. On Folk Dances of Gujarat, Assam, Rajasthan & more. This highly informative and unique workshop will educate participants on the origin of Indian folk dances + tribal and folk dances of Gujarat. Kalpesh Dalal will explain the form of the Indian folk dances, its current state and nuances of performance through the use of slides and videos. The second part of the workshop will feature a live demonstration with the participants. He will teach movements of these dances. About Kalpesh Dalal-Chairman, Founder of AAVISHKAR, an academy for performing arts established in 1983. Over the last three decades, Kalpesh Dalal has done in-depth studies, documented and presented folk - tribal dances of Gujarat and other states, and choreographed productions with hundreds of artists simultaneously performing different folk & classical dances on multi-level stage. He has served on various committees at the state and national levels. He is a recipient of prestigious the 2005 ‘Gaurav Purskar’ awarded by the Government of Gujarat. Kalpesh has served on the expert committee of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) for two terms. He was executive member, Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy for four years and a juror for the Gujarat State Raas-Garba competition for eleven years. Kalpesh has directed numerous mega events in India and internationally. Some of his many acclaimed directions include: “Gantantra Gaurav”— celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Indian Republic; Avanaddha Sabha of 50 tribal percussion artists; Vibrant Gujarat – Navaratri and Uttrayan from 1998 – 2008; and “Ras Rang” Days of Indian Culture in Russia. He has conducted numerous workshops on folk dances like those in Tarnetar Fair, Kartal Nritya, Maniaro, Janviyo Dhol Nritya. Presented by Pallavi Gandhi with LearnQuest, Meru Foundation, Aangikam

Date: 07/27/2008
Location: 12 Mudge Way, Bedford Town Hall, Bedford, MA
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Cost: Contribution: $ 25 per person, $ 20 Dance students

Contact: For more information and RSVP please contact Pallavi Gandhi: 978-264-0039, pallavigandhi@yahoo.com Vanita Shastri: 781-862-9648, vanita@shastri.net Jasmine Shah: 603-889-3783, aangikam@hotmail.com

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