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Dhyan Foundation – Journey of the Spirit
In reverence to our guru

Dhyan Foundation – Journey of the Spirit

In reverence to our guru

OM Dhyan Moolam Guru Murti,

Puja Moolam Guru Padam

Mantra Moolam Guru Vakyam

Moksha Moolam Guru Kripa. OM

OM. Shri Guruvaye Namah. OM.

You are invited to a workshop of the journey of the spirit (conducted by volunteers of The Dhyan foundation). The event is free and open to all.

At: Hall 16A, Sadhu Vasvani center: Address: 1827, Bridge Street, Dracut, MA 01826

On June 7th,

From 12:00 to 4:00 pm

Yog’ and not yoga is the key to a happy, healthy and an awakened life. Physical wellness is a small offshoot of yog… it reiterates and reinforces that modern day maladies are manifestations of energy blocks in our bodies.

The word ‘yog’ as pronounced in Hindi is derived from a Sanskrit word, YUJ which means to join or unite. The practice of yog integrates the body, mind and soul.

Yogi Ashwiniji, a Himalayan master, after years in silence, assimilated techniques from the vedic philosophies and formulated the ‘Sanatan Kriya’ for the modern man to practice and benefit from. It is a combination of yogic postures, breathing techniques, physical and etheric purifications and Dhyan with the Guru. Sanatan kriya is a synthesis of the eastern and ancient techniques to bring about a complete balance in a being. This practice affects all the layers of a being i.e. physical, emotional, financial and etheric. At the physical level, it enhances the aura, glow and grace in a person. At the spiritual level it opens the doorways to the higher worlds.

Yogi Ashwiniji, also the guiding light of the Dhyan Foundation is perhaps the only practitioner of ancient sciences of yog who despite living in the material world is following the principles of ‘yog’ as were laid down thousands of ages ago without any modifications or dilutions. He has been studying the being for more than a decade. The Dhyan Foundation is a spiritual and charitable organization dedicated to living and sharing an authentic path. The foundation follows the “guru-shishyaparampara where no fee is charged for what is taught.

Visit: www.dhyanfoundation.com

Please rsvp : renuahuja@yahoo.com

You are requested to wear comfortable clothing. Refreshments will be served.


From I 495 take exit 38 towards RT 38 NORTH.

Travel approximately 5-6 miles on RT 38 N through Lowell.

Go over the river. Go around a rotary ¾ of the circle and take exit for RT 38 N.

Take a right onto Bridge St. to stay onto Rt 38 N.

Pass sign "Entering Dracut".

Go straight through another traffic light which is JCT RT 113 (Wendy's on right).

Go past Dunkin Donuts, within hundred yards, turn right into driveway.

At the entrance there is a blue sign board for SADHU VASWANI CENTER (Opp. Bridgewood Plaza).

Enter the parking lot, temple is situated in Suite 8 in the main complex.

Date: 06/07/2008
Location: Sadhu Vaswani Center, Dracut, MA
Time: 12:00 pm

Organized By: Dhyan Foundation

Cost: Free

Web: www.dhyanfoundation.com
Email: renuahuja@yahoo.com
Directions: 1827 Bridge St, Dracut, MA

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