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Raja Yoga Meditation – Introduction (RY01)
Individual, Group or off-site sessions may be arranged upon request. Raja Yoga combines a meditation practice with knowledge that brings a spiritual perspective into reality. This four-session introductory course in Raja Yoga Meditation is not based on a regime of physical postures but based on the awareness of the spiritual nature of the self and becoming familiar with the mind, intellect and sub-conscious and the part they play in forming our character, nature and desires. The identity of the self as being a peaceful 'being' is the foundation of Raja Yoga philosophy. Further topics explored in the introductory course include nature of the Supreme; the significance of action (karma), cycle of birth and rebirth. All are welcome!

Date: 04/06/2008
Location: 75 Common Street Watertown, MA
Time: 4:30

Contact: 617-926-1230

Web: www.bkboston.org
Email: boston@us.bkwsu.org

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