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KANE Winter Fiesta 2007
Annual Christmas and New Year event hosted by the Kerala Association of New England at Littleton High School on December 29, 2007. Celebrate the holidays with an evening of music, variety entertainment and a delicious traditional Christmas dinner. Bring your friends and family and win exciting prizes at games and raffles! Book tickets online at http://www.kaneusa.org or call Jose Puthanpurackal @ 781 688 3111 or Vaidyanathan Iyer @ 978 470 4826 for more details.

Date: 12/29/2007
Location: Littleton High School, 56 King Street, Littleton, MA 01460
Time: 2:00 PM

Cost: Family ticket:$15 Individual ticket:$10

Food: Traditional Christmas dinner.

Contact: Jose Puthanpurackal: (781)688 3111 Vaidyanathan Iyer : (978)470 4826

Web: http://kaneusa.org/

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