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TiE-Boston VC Forum Deadline
What is the TiE VC Forum?
In 2003 we started an exciting initiative called the TiE VC Forum. The TiE VC Forum is a forum where high quality start-up companies can seek funding and feedback from seasoned venture capitalists. At the TiE VC Forum, VCs screen the deals for an audience of seasoned VCs. As VCs screen the deals, we require a partner or a senior principal from the VC firm to participate. At the session, one company at a time presents to the VCs and only the presenting company is in the presentation room.

For New England, NY, NJ, PA, and eastern region Canadian companies. The next session will be on November 18, 2005 with submission deadline being November 1, 2005.

Date: 11/01/2005
Time: 5:00 pm

Contact: Submit your idea to:
Technology Track: techbusplans@tie-boston.org
Life Sciences Track: lsbusplans@tie-boston.org

Web: http://www.tie-boston.org/Home/Programs/TiEVCForum/index_html/view_document

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