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Dhrupad with Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar
Dhrupad is the oldest classical vocal music of India. The nature of this ancient musical form is spiritual - its purpose is to worship, seeking to induce deep feelings of peace and harmony in the listener. Its origin is linked to the recitation of Sama Veda, the sacred Sanskrit text. Wasifuddin Dagar represents the 20th unbroken generation of dhrupad singers in the Dagar family. Typically in his alaap, he fills every note with space and color, and travels extensively across three octaves delineating the personality of the raga in all clarity. His powerful gamaks, are fast and sonorous, yet retain the softness and sweetness of the raga. Over the years he developed a liking for numerous subtle variations and musical improvisations on a single phrase bringing out - through modulations in volume and sound application - many diverse shades of meaning. He is very popular with young listeners for his lively lecture-demonstrations illustrating Vedic-old technicalities through metaphors from daily life. Wasifuddin will perform with percussionist Pundit Shyam Mohan Sharma on "Pakhawaj" and two drone players, his sister Kamar Dagar and a long time student of Dhrupad, Miss Laurence Bastit.

Date: 11/12/2005
Location: Blackstone River Theatre, 549 Broad Street, Cumberland, RI 02864
Time: 7:30 pm

Cost: $15.00/$7.00 with student ID

Contact: Arun Agrawal 508-676-5706

Web: http://www.riverfolk.org/schedule.html

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