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Girding for Grid Computing
Grid computing is increasingly being viewed as the next phase of distributed computing. Built on pervasive Internet standards, grid computing enables organizations to share computing and information resources across department and organizational boundaries in a secure, highly efficient manner. Grid computing has benefits at every layer of the IT stack. At the hardware layer grid promotes the use of low-cost servers and storage, promoting sharing of these hardware resources and providing better resource utilization and the flexibility to meet changing business needs. At the application layer, it provides cross-organizational business flow through the use of web services. Organizations around the world are utilizing grid computing today in such diverse areas as collaborative scientific research, drug discovery, financial risk analysis, and product design. However, for the most part, grid is still the domain of niche scientific markets, universities, and government laboratories – the self-professed “geeks” of the IT market. Will Grid ever make it out of the lab into commercial data centers? This month’s panel “Girding for Grid Computing” will seek to answer that question and several others. What is the current state of hardware and software in grid computing? Who are the biggest users of grid in the next five years and what problems are they solving? What are the big players – IBM, HP, Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, and others – doing with grid, and will they be supporters or blockers? How does grid relate to even broader themes within computing such as services-oriented architectures and virtualization? What is the state of standards for grid? Speakers: * Brajesh Goyal, Senior Mgr of Product Management, Database Solutions and Grid Computing, Network Appliance * Lalit Jain, Chief Executive Officer, Angstrom Microsystems * Stuart Schaefer, Chief Technology Officer, Softricity Moderator: * Giri Sekhar, Principal, FA Technology Ventures

Date: 07/14/2005
Location: MIT Tang Center, Bldg E51 70 Memorial Drive Cambridge , MA - 02139
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Organized By: TiE-SSBF

Cost: Admission (includes Dinner): Members $15 Non-members $20 Student Members $10 Student Non-Members $15

Web: www.tie-boston.org

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