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North South Foundation 5th Annual Walk-Bike-A-Thon For Education
You are invited to a family “fun”d raising day
You can walk, bike or hike. Local Indian restaurants sponsor their signature dishes. There will be games galore and a talent show too! Bring your pledge sheets with support from friends and family. Kids can use the dollar-a-square pledge sheet and have fun being a youth volunteer. They get a free T-shirt too. $250 helps a poor child go to college in India.

6 easy ways to raise a scholarship

· Ask yourself - where would I be without my education? $25
· Request from your coworkers - $ 25
· Have your children do DAS – take them for a walk in your neighborhood $50
· Collect from your extended family even if they live in a different state $50
· Call 5 instate friends - $50
· Email 5 out of state friends - $50

Date: 06/26/2005
Location: Hopkinton State Park, Hopkinton, MA 01460
Time: 10:00 am

Web: www.northsouth.org
Email: govindan@verizon.net;

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