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Innovatively Addressing the World’s Health Issues: Entrepreneurial and Non-Profit Approaches
The India Business Club (IBC) at MIT, TiE-Boston Lifesciences Forum and IWL are delighted to announce a discussion on:

Innovatively Addressing the World’s Health Issues: Entrepreneurial and Non-Profit Approaches

Dr. Katherine Woo, Director of Scientific Affairs, Institute for OneWorld Health (iOWH)
Dr. Jugnu Jain, Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Moderator)

About the Institute for One World Health
OneWorld Health is a non-profit company that bridges the gap between Western pharmaceutical innovation and the development of new drugs and vaccines to specifically address the health needs of poor people in developing countries. OneWorld Health has assembled, funded, and launched five drug and vaccine development programs that span four neglected disease areas and three continents, with the potential to prevent and cure disease in millions of people worldwide. They have convinced donors, such as Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation, that new drug development warrants immediate investment to address health inequity worldwide. Executed the largest clinical trial ever for black fever (667 patients) in the remote and poverty-stricken state of Bihar, India. Launched three projects from their drug development portfolio - for visceral leishmaniasis in India, Chagas disease in Latin America, and malaria worldwide.

They have already inspired pro-bono contributions from >200 scientists and professionals and are looking to ignite the interest of hundreds more. They are seeking individual and corporate assistance in many areas such as building their network of contacts in the countries they are working in, technical and business expertise from volunteers. They are also looking for core funding to help build a sustainable enterprise.

Come learn about this unique organization and its vision of affordable health care.

Date: 04/07/2005
Location: Room # E51-395 at MIT
Cost: Free

Contact: (617) 444-6132

Web: http://www.tie-boston.org

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