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AAINA Indian Visa Camp / Lowell
Only straight-forward cases in which references are not required to be made would be accepted. Only Visa Service would be rendered. For additional information visit: www.indiacgny.org or contact at Tel. 212-774-0610 or 212-774-0662.

250 tickets would be issued on a first come first served basis. Only one U. S. Passport would be accepted on each ticket.

You will need:

1. A U. S. Passport valid for a minimum of six months ( Only U.S. Passport holders may apply).
2. Two Passport size ( 2in x 2in ) photos
3. A completed Visa Application Form (Visa Application Forms can be obtained from: www.indiacgny.org by clicking on FORMS).
4. The Fee in the form of Cash, Money Order or Certified Cheques drawn in favor of Consulate General of India, New York. Personal Cheques will not be accepted. The Cash would be accepted in Small Denominations no Larger than $ 50. The Fee Schedule is as follows:

(i) Transit Visa (Single/Double Entry) - $ 30
(ii) Six Months Tourist/Entry/Business Visa - $ 60
(iii) One Year Tourist/Business/Entry Visa - $ 85
(iv) Student Multiple Entry Visa - $ 95
(v) Five Year Entry/Business/Tourist Visa - $150
(vi) Ten Year Business/Tourist Visa - $150
(vii) Transfer of Five Year/Ten Year Visa to New Passport - $ 25

If you need any other related info please visit: www.indiacgny.org

Date: 04/30/2005
Location: University of Massachusetts, North Campus Library, Lowell, MA 01854
Time: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Contact: Shiva Sheel Secretary, AAINA 978-975-1220

Web: www.indiacgny.org

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