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Gita Govindam
The immortal epic of love between Radha and Krishna
Dancers:Priyadanshini Govind, Sangeetha Iswaran,Indira Kadambi
Choreographer: Padma Bhushan Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan
From Chennai India

Jayadeva's Gita Govindam, the immortal epic of love between Radha and Krishna carries beautiful imagery of surpassing beauty, startling eroticism and transcendental spirituality. The Ashtapadis have always been a popular part of the classical music and dance repertoires. But this production evokes the essence of this exquisite love poem in its entirety through _expression, emotion, colour and devotion. It evokes the all encompassing love of Radha, the mercurial nature of Krishna and the important role that Sakhi, the friend plays in uniting Radha and Krishna and above all the sacred love shared by Radha and Krishna where the division between body, mind and soul no longer exists. This production is the vision of Kalanidhi Narayanan, the Abhinaya doyenne known for her exquisite subtlety of _expression and her mastery over the Rasas especially Sringara (love), the king of all the Rasas. The _expression of Sringar! a is carried to new heights in this eternal epic, where there are no boundaries between love and devotion, and body, mind and soul yearns to be united with the divine.

Smt.Kalanidhi Narayanan is the leading guru of abhinaya, the art of _expression, in the world today. She has received many awards including the highly prestigious Padmabhusan award by the president of India, Sangeet Natak Academy Award, Nritya choodamani and many others. Her numerous students scattered all over the globe attests to her abilities as a teacher par excellence. She has been the strongest influence in shaping the re-creation of abhinaya as a part of the Bharatanatyam repertoire.

Priyadarshini Govind is an internationally renowned dancer at the zenith of her career. You saw her performance arranged by the Academy in 2002. She is exquisite and is one of the leading dancers of India today.She has received many awards like Nrityachoodamani, kalaimamani and others.She performs all over India and the world and is known for her subtle and exquisite facial expressions and graceful yet powerful dance.

Indira Kadambi is a vivid expressive performing artist known for the vivacity and ebullience in her dance. Blessed with sparkling eyes, She flits across the stage with an energy that is awe-inspiring. Along with her husband T.V.Ramprasadh, a well-known Carnatic classical vocalist, She performs all over India and the world and has trained many students as well. She is an intensely creative artist and has collaborated with artists from different fields and has to her credit many successful thematic productions like Vamshi-The divine flute, Hasya-humour, Man-past, present and future, Jugalbandhi, Ashtanayika , etc., She is the recipient of Natya Shanta! la Award and Senior Dancer Award.

Sangeetha Iswaran is a young Bharatanatyam artist who now performs and does research on various south east Asian and African dance as well. She is dedicated to using the arts to benefit underprivileged communities, working with street children, sex workers, seropositive people, war victims and so on. She performs all over the world, studies many different dance forms, roots this study in the Indian philosophy of rasa and translates this work to benefit different communities. A strong yet graceful dancer she ropes in her experiences in different performing arts and communities to enhance her bharatanatyam abilities.

Date: 05/22/2005
Location: Babson College, Sorenson Theater for performing Arts,Wellesley MA
Time: 5:00 pm

Organized By: Academy of Indian Performing Arts

Cost: $35,$25,$15($15 tickts are discounted for $10 for Seniors and Students)

Contact: Jothi (978) 392-4677

Web: www.indianperformingarts.org

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