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Rangoli -2005
Rangoli is the first in series of a new annual inter-collegiate cultural talent competition, brought to you by Sangam, MIT. Participating teams and individuals will be adjudged by a distinguished panel of judges, and prizes will be given out in all categories. Sangam might consider helping outstanding teams/individuals, in bringing out professional audio/video recordings of their respective performances. The aim of this event is to bring out hidden talents from university students in the greater Boston area, and to appreciate and encourage them in order to nurture their talent further. There would be prizes in each category and would be announced after the program.

Participation is invited in the following two categories:

1. Musicals
This category includes solo singing, choir-groups, duets, any type of solo or group performance item in which (one or more) musical instrument(s) is (are) at the forefront. The performance item could be classical/ethnic/folk/jazz or any form of music.

2. Special Performaces
This category includes any form of dance, solo or group (maximum of 8 people), skits or any dance-form/drama that portrays a story or an idea, miming, mono-acting, mimicry, creative poetry or any creative expression of cultural talent

1. Each participating team/individual will be given up to 7 minutes. The time-limit will be strictly enforced due to the competitive nature of the event.
2. All applications MUST reach us on or before Thursday April 2nd, 2005.
3. There will NOT be any auditions for performances to get selected for Rangoli 2005. In short, anybody can participate.
4. No reimbursements for costume-rentals or purchases can be made, for the dance groups. We are sorry about this, but this is due to our funding constraint.
5. Please do not ask for travel reimbursement, unless your college is not in the greater Boston area. Please contact the organizers at beforehand, with a quote on your travel expenses, if you think you are too far from MIT for an easy public-transport commute.
6. Though currently we don't have any upper limit on the total number of performances in each category, we might stop accepting further applications into any category, at any time due to time constraint of the event, in the event of too many applications.
7. The decision of the panel of judges will be final and binding.
How to apply:
Send an email to with the following details:
1. Category
2. Title of your performance item
3. Name(s) of performer(s)
4. Email address and phone number of the primary contact in the participating team
5. Name of university/college/school
6. Audio-Visual requirements
7. Any other special information that might be of help to the organizers.

Date: 04/08/2005
Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Cost: $3 per person, $2 with valid MIT ID

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