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TiE Boston Venture Forum
TiE-Boston Venture Forum will be a session where start-up companies seeking first or second round funding can present their opportunites to invited venture capitalists.

Note: As there will be a selected number of slots, we require that companies get their executive summary to TiE in advance. Please email your executive summaries and inquiries to busplans@tie-boston.org


Technology companies seeking venture funding in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATIONS and ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY areas
Companies should be seeking Series A or B financing.
Companies with no revenues should have break-through technology in large growing markets (>$750M) and good customer traction.
Funding consideration open to all companies - both TiE and non-TiE members.

A screening group will screen all executive summaries submitted.
Each Company will have 20 minutes to present their opportunities. Following the presentation, there will a private 10-minute discussion amongst the venture capitalists to determine the level of interest and whether to proceed.
Companies will be notified by email as to which VCs would be interested in meeting the companies and an introduction email will be provided. Email Executive Summaries Now!!!

Date: 04/27/2005
Location: TBA
Time: TBA

Web: http://www.tie-boston.org
Email: busplans@tie-boston.org

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