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200 Hrs Teacher Training in India
A 200-hour yoga teacher training program in India is an extensive course designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and expertise required for certification as yoga instructors. Typically spanning a duration of four weeks, the training encompasses a wide range of yoga facets, including asana practice, meditation, pranayama, anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodology. India, renowned as the birthplace of yoga, provides an authentic and culturally rich environment for such training initiatives. Numerous prestigious yoga schools situated across diverse regions in India conduct these programs, drawing students from across the globe. The curriculum often adheres to the standards outlined by Yoga Alliance, an international organization setting benchmarks for yoga teacher training. Throughout the 200-hour training, participants delve into the historical and philosophical foundations of yoga, explore diverse yoga poses and sequences, and acquire effective teaching techniques. Practical teaching experience is a pivotal component, allowing trainees to hone their instructional skills. The immersive experience extends beyond the classroom, offering exposure to local cultures and traditions, enriching the overall learning journey. Completion of a 200-hour teacher training in India not only deepens personal yoga practices but also establishes a solid groundwork for a rewarding career as a certified yoga instructor worldwide. Prospective students are encouraged to meticulously research and select a reputable school aligning with their goals and values.

Date: 01/12/2024
Location: Kranti Yoga Tradition, Beach Resort, House No. 135, Patnem Beach, Canacona Goa, India 403702.
Time: 6am - 1pm

Organized By: Kranti Yoga Tradition

Cost: 1550

Food: veg - 60/time

Contact: 919022631900

Web: https://www.krantiyoga.com/200-hour-yoga-teacher-training-goa-india.html
Email: seo@krantiyoga.com

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