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The Music of South India - A Workshop for Western Musicians
Have you ever wanted to find out more about the music of South India?

World-renowned South Indian Violinists Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan and his sister Lalgudi J. Vijayalakshmi will teach a workshop on Carnatic music for Western musicians. Intermediate and Advanced players are encouraged to bring their instruments. Sheet music of an Indian tune (notated in Western notation) will be handed out, and participants will be shown how a Carnatic musician would develop that tune in improvisation.

These artists will also perform for us during the workshop. This is a rare opportunity to hear two of the worlds greatest Carnatic violinists perform, and find out more about this amazing art form.

Non-musicians are also encouraged to come to this event.

And gourmet Indian cuisine will be served!

Date: 04/08/2004
Location: Westford’s Parish Center for the Arts
Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: $20.00 per person or $30.00 per family

Email: jodyharmon@Comcast.net
Directions: http://www.westford.com/pca

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