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Dialogue With Death: Understanding Death, Dying, Transmigration, Rebirth, And Life
This 4-week talk with Swami Mahesh will be a synthesis of the Vedic wisdom and the tools from the science of Tantra. It will help us understand what really is the subtle body that transmigrates and how in the next birth, the evolution continues. We will also chant some prominent shlokas from the Kathopanishad. The discourse will be about 75 mins and the last 15 mins will be for Q and A.

Date: 03/12/2022
Time: 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Cost: $51

Contact: Ranjani Saigal at rsaigal1@gmail.com; Praveen Minocha at parveen.minocha@gmail.com, or Ritu Kapur at Ritu.Kapur@Sohum.org.

Web: https://lokvani.com/lokvani/admin/articleEdit.php?article_id=18450

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