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Court Marriage in Delhi

If you're planning to hold an Court Marriage in delhi court wedding, you should have the right understanding of the process for it . If you have the right knowledge on this matter, you will be able to carry out your Same day court wedding in Delhi without difficulty. In this article, we'll talk about the aspects you should be aware of when you're planning an Tatkal court wedding in Delhi or a Same day court wedding in Delhi. Let's get started.

Let's begin our discussion by discussing the essential documents that are needed in the Tatkal wedding ceremony in Delhi.


This is the list of the documents required for a Same day court weddings in Delhi. This list is for those looking to have a same-day court wedding in Delhi however if you're looking for an ordinary court wedding, then you'll need to add additional documents. They are listed below:


Birth Certificate -The person who wishes to marry in Marriage certificate in delhi must present the proof of birth so that the date of birth will be verified. For proof of birth is required, you may use the 10th mark sheet or passport.


PAN PAN The identity card for the person who is witness must be checked to verify the identity and the name of the witness.


These are the necessary documents for Court Marriage in Delhi. Let's look at the things required to be used in Tatkal Court Marriage in Delhi.

Same Day Court Marrige in Delhi Only a few hours (1 up to two hours)


The General Rule to be aware of when it comes to Tatkal Court Marriage in Delhi


Tatkal Marriage registration delhi is possible at reasonable prices.The mentioned procedure of court marriage is also performed in Delhi. Let's now discuss additional details of Talk's court wedding ceremony in Delhi.


It is important to note that the age for both (Boy as well as Girl) isn't reached until the age of minors. The minimum age for the boy to be married in Tatkal court marriages for Delhi is 21years old and the age of a girl has to be at least 18 years old.

Two witnesses must have specific IDs. The witness should be from any of the following: Family or friends, relatives, or even neighbors.

* The entire process of marriage in court will take place in Delhi. Therefore, you don't need to travel anywhere for this.

* This process can take about 1-2 hours.

* The Girl and Boy who will be attending Tatkal weddings at Delhi should be Hindu, Jains, Buddhists as well as Sikhs in birth. Note:If you decide to convert yourself to one of the religions listed, then you're also eligible to court marriages in Delhi.

You are able to plan your Court wedding from Monday through Saturday. Be sure to select a date is not a public holiday. Because Sunday Charge 1100/- Extra.

* The girl, boy and the witnesses could be Indian or foreign.

* Arya Samaj and Court marriage certificates are issued on the same day, and these certificates aren't challenged by anyone.


These are the fundamental rules that must be followed when executing the ceremony of a Tatkal Court Marriage in Delhi.


Normal Court Marriage in Delhi


If you're planning to have a traditional court weddings within Delhi then the procedure and procedure is quite different. Let's look at the requirements for a court marriage in Delhi.


* The entire process of court marriages is carried out in Delhi.


* The age of a man must be over 21 and the age of a girl has to be 18+ to be eligible for the ceremony to be conducted in a courtroom in Delhi.

* For a normal court wedding in Delhi, the only days that are working for you include Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the official days.

* It will take at the very least 8-9 working days to finish the procedure.

* The girl or boy must possess the address proof of Delhi. This means that a boy or girl must reside in Delhi.

Two witnesses are required for ceremony of a court wedding in Delhi. The witnesses could be family members or family members, relatives or even neighbours.

* Do not worry about the wedding notice since there is no marriage announcement that will be sent to your residence.

* Girls and boys should be baptized into the religion that is Hindu, Jain, Sikh or Buddhists.


We have discussed all the crucial details that should be considered when arranging a court marriage in Delhi. Following the marriage the certificate will be issued to you to prove your wedding. The certificate is legal throughout the world and cannot be challenged.


Arya Samaj mandir Dehradun 

A wedding (Arya Samaj Marriage or an arranged wedding) is recorded through the Registrar of Marriage on the same day of the week in accordance with article 8 in the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. The verification of all documents must be completed on the date of the application. Arya Samaj mandir Dehradun afterwards the marriage is registered by a marriage registrar chosen by the Government of India and marriage certificate must be registered by the same day.

The Documents Required Under Section 8 of the Hindu Marriage Act-1955:

  1. The date of birth of the parties Arya Samaj mandir Dehradun

(Matriculation Certificate/Passport / Birth Certificateor Driving License).

Minimum age for the boy must be between 21 and 18 years for the girl when it comes to the Solemnization of Marriage.

  1. 2. Card as well as Aadhar Card of the girl and boy.

    3. Nine passport-sized photographs of both parties

    4. Two witnesses on each side , along with 4 each Passport size photos, PAN Card Driving Licence, Voter Card, as well as Aadhar Card.

    5. The copy of the divorce decree or order in the case of divorce and death certificate of spouse in the case of widow or widower.

    If one parties is a foreigner, an original copy of a no objection declaration from the concerned embassy concerning his/her marital status

Court marriage Dehradun

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Date: 01/15/2022
Location: Dehradun
Organized By: Court Marriage

Cost: 2500

Web: www.courtmarriagedehradun.com
Email: courtmarriagedehradun715@gmail.com

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