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The significance of organising fests in the colleges
Assimilation of the huge number of students, fun, and enjoyment, that is all about a fest. Earlier, institutions would focus on academic proficiency, but of late, most of them have found the extra curriculum to be a source of refreshment and joy. According to students, the college fests are rejuvenating and can inculcate a new drive for better organization of events, team handling, and establish empathetic relations between co-fellows. It is a great platform to showcase the hidden talents of the students in coordinating, managing, and interacting, sharing a common objective. Students face real-life challenges, thus organizing such fests is great learning for them. Business Giants all over the globe prefer selecting students who are looking forward to such activities, organizing, and participating. No one prefers bookish knowledge nowadays. Continuous involvement reflects the keen interests of students in extracurricular activities. Himalayan Institute of Technology, Dehradun, with its arduous efforts and dedication has organized the fest 'Monsoon Raga' on the 3rd of August 2021. It was hosted online and attracted many viewers in a virtual forum. With mesmerizing programs like Light, camera, action, grow with us, Dance and photography competition, culinary competition, and traditional wear competition, the program was spectacular in every means. Monsoon Raga was a stand-out event by the Himalayan Institute of Technology online that helped the students to enjoy and present their skills on the online platform. Uniqueness brought by the students in arranging such beautiful events was appreciable. Let us discuss the significance of organizing such endeavours in present times. 1. Inculcating innovation Life is all about innovation and exploration. We find new things; research out and then create. Thus, the way to creativity is innovation. Fests inculcate innovation among the students. They come from different backgrounds, mindsets, perceptions, and beliefs. Organizing and managing, and exploring information is quite challenging. A large number of aspirants learn a lot through the activities and events. It is all about planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, and controlling. 2. Selection of programs This is very crucial amongst all the other functions in the management cycle. A student has to dedicate his half of time to select the activities and series of events. While selecting one has to be attentive, keep the viewers in mind, and shortlist those programs which are having fun-factor but are pretty decent to be watched. Any unethical events are not encouraged by the viewers. This often includes screening and judging out the creamy layer of programs. 3. Best execution Before the commencement of the program, it is very important to hire hosts. Few responsibilities of a host are to ensure the best execution of the events. To do so, one has to prepare the list of events, synchronize them, and assign group leaders Engaging viewers. It is a great responsibility to handle the team and find out how well the fest can be executed with the flow of different activities. The execution thus, defines how well the events were presented. 4. Motivation for the participants This holds a significant role in a fest. The drizzling performances in events by the participants and the appreciation by the jury are self-motivating. A student puts his effort and dedication to prepare himself for the event he has participated in, this can be only done with the motivation of mentors and parents. Somehow the fellow students can also be the source of motivation. Thus, fest being, cultural or technical, both enhances the interpersonal skills of the students and prepare them for the real world. Another important aspect of organizing such fests is to ensure how well is the student developing the skills? Are they using the knowledge provided to the utmost, and lastly are they ready to enter the professional world? So, if you are a student, and aspire to be in the corporates, make sure you engage in more extra-curriculum rather than only focussing on academic excellence. Links for reference: www.hitdoon.com

Date: 08/07/2021
Location: Near Central Excise office, Haridwar Road, Dehradun - 248001, Uttarakhand
Time: 10:00 AM

Organized By: Himalayan Institute of Technology

Contact: Contact Details: 9411558989, 9411557070, 9411557979

Web: https://hitdoon.com
Email: hitdoonsm@gmail.com

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