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the Chandas and the Vedass
IDC Outreach Lecture III The Chandas and the Vedas The Chandas forms the foundation of the corpus of Vedic literature. The fundamental philosophy behind Chandaḥśāstra (Prosody) visualizes the whole cosmos vibrating with in laya (rhythm) gati (movement) combined with yati (pause). The Chandas is just a vehicle for carrying these vibrations making them explicit with tones and intonation. The cosmos is a śilpa (art) replenished with alaṅkāra. This śilpa is said to be chandomaya – created out of chandas which is imbued with rhythm, pause and movement. The universe has its own rhythmic patterns, movements and pauses. In the philosophy of the Vedic seers, there is a correlation between śilpa, chandas and yajña. In this lecture, we propose to discuss the philosophy of the Chandas and the development of Chandaḥśāstra as envisaged through the Vedic literature.

Date: 04/25/2021
Location: Virtual Please register via https://www.indiadiscoverycenter.org The link will be sent to the regi
Time: 9:30 AM

Organized By: India Discovery Center

Cost: $10

Contact: Bijoy Misra 6178645121

Web: https;//www.indiadiscoverycener.org
Email: idcinboston@gmail.com

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