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Diwali Celebrations / SarvaDev Mandir
Ganesh Puja(invoking Ganesha for removal of all obstacles in our life)

Followed by Lakshmi Puja

They are also hosting the dinner for every body.
Sarvadev Mandir will be hosting Samohik Puja for all the visiting families.
Any one who wants to participate(donation $21), please come on time.
Participating families please bring the following:
A Thali with an idol of Lakshmi or a Picture of Godess Lakshmi.
Flowers, Kumkum, Dhoop , Small Vessel(glass) ,Spoon,Fruits or Sweets for Prashad,and a Deepak.
They should also write down the name of the head of the house hold and names of other members of family, gotram, and birth star if you may remember.
Participation in the samohik pooja will give the satisfaction and a nice feeling of active involvement in the pooja rather than being passive audience.
After the Puja we will have Bhajans For about an hour. We should be able to finish everything by 9pm.

Date: 10/25/2003
Location: SarvaDev Mandir, 6 Main Street, Oxford, MA 01540
Time: 6:00 pm

Contact: 508-943-5819

Email: neelu@sarvadevmandir.org

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