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MFA Cinema India: A Tale of a Naughty Girl
A Tale of a Naughty Girl by Buddhadeb Dasgupta (Manda Meyer Upakkhyan, 2001, 90 min.). Set in 1969 in a surreally remote village, A Tale of a Naughty Girl interweaves several narratives including those of a movie-theater owner, a chauffeur, and a scheming prostitute and her daughter. Framed against the backdrop of American astronauts about to set foot on the moon, this vivid and dreamy film focuses on the journeys available to its idiosyncratic characters. Buddhadeb Dasgupta is an award-winning poet and filmmaker. In Bengali with English subtitles.

Date: 10/11/2003
Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Time: 2:10PM

Cost: Tickets: MFA members, seniors, and students $8; general admission $9.
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Web: http://www.mfa.org/film/

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