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SATSANG YOGA Spirit Sunday @ 8:15 AM
Come and join Yoga every Sunday at SATSANG Center form 8:15 to 9:45 AM. Bring your family and friends to be happy healthy and blissful.

The proper breathing is the master key to good health… The simplest and most important technique for protecting your health is breathing. The breath control alone achieve remarkable results: lowering blood pressure, ending heart arrhythmias, improving long-standing patterns of poor digestion, increasing blood circulation throughout the body, decreasing anxiety and allowing people to get off addictive anti-anxiety drugs and improving sleep and energy cycles.

Breathing is Automatic but The DIVINE Forces has blessed us with Conscious Control. So when we Consciously control the Deeper Slower Breathing, then it imparts these benefits.
Then add to it, Khetchari Mudra - connecting tip of tongue connected to Pallet, and do it with Prassannata - Blissful Awareness - Simple SMIKE, it lot more beneficial. To learn more or better, U have to come to the Class. See you!

Namste - Pankaj

Date: 06/30/2019
Location: SATSANG Center 1 Pleasant street, WOBURN MA 01801
Time: 8:15 AM Every Sunday

Organized By: SATSANG Center

Cost: Complimentary. Voluntary Contribution

Contact: JUST BE THERE ! Hurry OM!

Web: www.satsangcenter.com
Email: satsangcenter1@gmail.com
Directions: Follow your GPS - Heart !

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