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The Ultimate Tango-GRAMMY Winner
Raul Jaurena is amongst the best known Tango musicians in the world. Making his home in Argentina and New York, he has won several awards, including the Latin Grammy. He has performed at major venues around the world and been invited to perform at the White House.

Margo Mitchell, the singer in the group, was born in Argentina and is now shuttling between the US and Argentina and Europe. She has been a soloist with different orchestras around the world and won several major awards, including the winner of the ACE award as Best Musical Production, Life’s Tango, I Love Tango, etc. She was also invited to perform at the White House

Raul Jaurena, the Uruguayan king of tango, is regarded as one of the most prominent Bandoneon players in the world.

At the age of eight, he already joined a tango orchestra. A performance together with Astor Piazzolla at the Montreal Jazz Festival guided his musical development. As a member of renowned tango ensembles in the nineteen sixties and seventies in Argentina and various Latin countries enriched his own arrangements.

He is equally popular in Argentina, Latin America Europe and USA. He has performed extensively in major venues around and has been invited to the White House. His work has rewarded him with Grammy’s in the US and South America.

He has played with other illustrious musicians like YoYo Ma, Paquito O’Rivera, and Giora Feidman and others. He traveled extensively in Europe with TANGO FIVE and singer Marga Mitchell.

Astor Piazolla once called Raul Jaurena one of the greatest bandoneon players ever.

Raul Jaurena is regarded as a musician who can claim a direct link to Piazzolla before the great composer’s death in 1992 – Jaurena’s masterful playing exemplified tango’s schizophrenic tones and moods. Nervous and edgy, lusty and full-bodied, mournful and nostalgic – Jaurena wrested it out of an instrument that has one the most compellingly unique voices

Marga Mitchell was born in Caracas, Venezuela. After moving to the US, she participated in the Midnight Summer Night at Lincoln Center New York, in 1992-1994, Tango Fest-Broadway at Town Hall, the Ravinia Festival in Chicago 1997-1998, the 10th & 11th International Tango Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay. In 1999, she performed at The White House with the group Quintango along with movie star Robert Duval. She was invited as a special guest in the Latin American Concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Official Radio in Vienna, Austria and performed at the San Martin Theater for the first International Festival of Buenos Aires, in Argentina.

She has been a soloist with different orchestras around the world, including the Pan-American Symphony Orchestra in Washington DC, the Symphony Orchestra of Richmond, Virginia, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Stuttgart, Germany, and has been a special guest of the group Tango Five, in Germany. Other performances include; All That Tango, winner of the 2002 ACE Award as Best Musical Production, Life’s Tango, Tangomania, & I Love Tango.

Date: 10/12/2019
Location: Scottish Rite Museum Auditorium 33 Marrett Road Lexington, MA 02421
Time: 8:00 pm

Organized By: World On Stage, Inc

Cost: $25,$35,$48

Contact: info@WorldOnStage.com 800-913-1270

Web: www.WorldOnStage.com
Email: info@WorldOnStage.com

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