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MEHFIL - Gujarati Entertainment
બે સુપરસ્ટાર ધુરંધરો - એક મેજીકલ જલસો
ગઝલો ગીતો અને ગમ્મતનો ગુંજારવ
અનસ્ટોપેબલ પાર્ટી
Fun filled evening of Gujarati Gazals and poetic Entertainment as two of the celebrated superstars will deliver an unstoppable JALSO in literary terms.
They will make you fall in LOVE all over again.

Shobhit Desai and ​Chandrakant Shah will Recite and Perform ​their contemporaneity Gujarati Gazals and Geets.

Shobhit Desai is an encyclopedia of Gujarati literature and will narrate entertaining anecdotes from Gujarati literature and legendary gazalkars as well.

​Chandrakant Shah is regarded as the most dynamic ​modern Gujarati ​poet depicting the life of Indians in USA, the true poet of Indian Diaspora. ​

Together both Shobhit and Chandrakant are a very unique combination and absolutely riot literally.

આવો ! પધારો !
અને ફરી વાર એકબીજાના પ્રેમમાં પડીને પાછા જાઓ !
એ ગેરંટી !!

Date: 07/27/2018
Location: Academy of Arts 12 A Street Burlington MA
Time: 8:00 pm

Organized By: DHOOM Entertainment

Cost: $15 (reserved) $10 Open Seating

Contact: Eshani Shah 781.956.5955 Alkesh Shah 978.394.3385 Pallavi Gandhi 978.621.5588

Email: eshanishah@gmail.com

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