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22nd Annual India Poetry Reading at Harvard
An annual India Poetry Reading is arranged at Harvard University every May. The event commenced in 1997 and has continued every year. This year’s program is scheduled for Sunday, May 13th, to be held at 2 PM in The Tsai Auditorium @ South Asia Building, S010 CGIS Harvard University, 1730 Cambridge Street in Cambridge, MA 02138. We will be hosted by Harvard The Laxmi Mittal South Asia Institute and the Department of South Asian Studies at Harvard University.


Our topic this time is 'Humanity'. You can write a new poem or pick up a poem from the literature. All languages are welcome. We will read all as time would permit. Please do encourage others in the community to join.

Please contact Dr. Bijoy Misra, bmisra@fas.harvard.edu 781.259.0029. Chandrakant Shah Bostonwale@gmail.com 781.983.4941.

The book published comprising all poems read at 20th Annual India Poetry reading, with support of India Discovery center will be distributed at this event.

Date: 05/13/2018
Time: 2:00 pm

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