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Yoga Teacher Training In India
Overview Where can better one can seek the true knowledge of Yoga than in the country of its birth- India? Inherited with a massive legacy in the field of Yoga, the holy land of Gautam Buddha and the most revered Gurus is certainly a yogic paradise. Practice the holistic science of wellness by the Holy Ganges, on the Himalayan trails, by the Vedic droves, or by the embankments of the ancient temples. Dust yourself with the golden shades of yoga with 200hrsyogattc’s Yoga Teacher Training in India. Location: India (Kerala and Rishikesh) About the Event: Learn Yoga in India, the land of sages and saints. Execute this great opportunity to explore the various layers of the yogic science with our certified 200, 300, and 500 Hour Yoga programs. These programs mark the eternal path to enlightenment along with rewarding the certificate of excellence, validated by the Yoga Alliance. Program Details: Understanding the different needs for training that varies from a being to another, we offer 200, 300, and 500 hour Yoga TTC as per the level and eligibility of the aspirants. The 200 Hour (Beginner Level) and 300 Hour (Advanced Level) are month-long yoga programs while the 500 Hour YTTC (Beginner - Advanced) is an amalgamation of the two spread over a period of two months. The intensity and demand for discipline increases in given order- 200, 300, 500 YTTC. Event Highlights: • Teaching and practice of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, from the origin. • Various levels of the Adjustment and Alignment techniques for an error-free and an injury-void practice. • Dive deeper into the ocean of spirituality via the meditational route. Undergo unification of the mind, body, and soul through intense practice of Yoga Nidra. • Yoga Anatomy for a complete understanding of the effects of anatomical science on Yoga practice. • Breath-based training with Pranayama for immense health benefits. • Teaching Methodology sessions during which students conduct their own yoga classes in the watchful presence of our revered teachers. • Yoga and Ayurveda therapy. Sat kriyas techniques for cleansing and detoxifying the body. • Extra activities such as Yoga dance and laughter, excursion and local sightseeing on weekends. Fee Details For Rishikesh: • 200 Hour YTTC: 1350 & 1500 USD • 300 Hour YTTC: 1650 & 1800 USD • 500 Hour YTTC: 3000 & 3300 USD For Kerala: • 200 Hour YTTC: 1450 & 1650 USD • 300 Hour YTTC: 1700 & 1900 USD • 500 Hour YTTC: 2900 & 3100 USD NOTE: On twin-sharing and private basis. For detailed information about fees and other offers, visit our website: www.200hrsyogattc.com About 200hrsyogattc: Founded by a group of Yoga enthusiasts and Yoga TTC graduates from the best Yoga schools, 200hrsyogattc.com provides authentic information regarding the ideal Yoga schools and locations for undertaking certified yoga programs and retreats. Our preferred school, Rishikul Yogshala holds the front seat among globe’s most-valued Yoga Schools and hence, is the obvious choice for conducting the 200, 300, and 500 Hour Yoga programs.

Date: 07/04/2018
Location: Jonk Village, Swaragashram, Ram Jhulla, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand -249304
Time: 12:00 pm

Organized By: 200hrsyogattc

Cost: 1500$

Contact: 7060060954

Web: https://www.200hrsyogattc.com/
Email: 200hrsyogattc9@gmail.com

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