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Theory of Music
New England Hindu Temple Inc (Youth, Cultural and Educational Program Committee) Invites interested community members to register for the class on Theory of Music (Lecture will be in English) By Mrs. Durga Krishnan Class begins on 24 August, 2003 Time: 2:00 PM Venue; Sri Lakshmi Temple For details please contact the coordinator, Mrs. Durga Krishnan at 508 481 7842 Or Please send an email to NEHTI_YCEP@YAHOO.COM Please help us organize the class by pre-registering.. Admission to the class is free. This class is aimed at getting the youngsters more interested in music. To achieve this goal lectures will include both theory and simulations. Several guest speakers will cover various musical instruments. Classes will cover answers to several questions like: How music enriches our daily life? What is its connection with our religion? How did one develop the scale of 7 notes? What are Raga and Thala systems? Are there different forms of Music? What is Hindustani Music? What are the differences between Hindustani and Carnatic music? How does Our Music connect with Jazz and western classical Music? (Recommended age group 10 years and above)

Date: 08/24/2003
Location: Sri Lakshmi Temple
Time: 2 PM

Organized By: MEHTI YCEP

Contact: Mrs. Durga Krishnan at 508 481 7842

Email: nehti_ycep@yahoo.com

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