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Free Basic Yoga Program at Lowell, MA
Upa Yoga is a simple yet powerful set of 10 practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system, bringing ease to the whole system. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upa Yoga dispels inertia in the body’s energy and brings ease to the whole system. Within the human system, the energy flows along 72,000 pathways called nadis. At the joints, the nadis meet and form nodes, making the joints storehouses of energy. Upa Yoga activates this energy and also lubricates the joints, creating an instant sense of alertness and liveliness. Upa Yoga essentially means “sub-yoga” or “pre-yoga”. Because of its many immediate and evident benefits, the word Upa Yoga in Indian languages is commonly used to denote “usefulness.” It is a good starting point for those who are new to yoga, and it can be used as a preparation for other yoga practices. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, its benefits include: Relieves physical stress and tiredness Strengthens the joints and muscles Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity Negates the effects of jetlag and long travel Try out Isha Upa Yoga practices online for free. Or download the app “Yoga Tools From Sadhguru” available on Android and iOS. Isha Yoga 5 Minutes Practices http://isha.sadhguru.org/5-min-practices/

Date: 06/21/2017
Location: Sampas Pavillion 500 Pawtucket Boulevard Lowell, MA 01851
Time: 7:00 PM

Organized By: Isha Foundation

Cost: Free

Contact: 617-396-ISHA

Web: http://isha.sadhguru.org/yoga/yoga-programs/upa-yoga/
Email: newengland@ishaUSA.org

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