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Free Health Fair
Q. What kind of services is provided?
A. You can consult leading physicians on many of the health issues. Health screening services cover basic diagnostic checks such as blood pressure, heart beat, breathing check and visual inspection of eye/ear/nose/throat that do not require any kind of special equipment.

Q. How about laboratory test?
A. No laboratory tests will be conducted.

Q. Can a visiting devotee receive treatment for an ailment or sickness?
A. No. The fair is intended to provide information on preventive health care based on a general health check up. The visitor must find his own medical aid channels for such services, if he or she desires.

Q. Does the doctor prescribe drugs and distribute sample medicines?
A. No prescriptions will be given. The doctors may advise about those available over the counter and/or recommend further consultations for medication.

Q. Are the doctors licensed physicians?
A. All medical experts are licensed physicians from New England area and are volunteering their time for this cause.

Q. Would the individual be referred to any clinic or hospital?
A. The visitors will be given the results and recommendations. The visitor is at liberty to do whatever he or she chooses to.

Q. Any charges to be paid by the visiting devotee?
A. None. It is a free service provided by the Sri Lakshmi Temple for the benefit of the visiting devotees and families. There are no associated costs and no insurance requirements. However, the visitor may choose to give donations to the Sri Lakshmi Temple.

Q. What is a consent form?
A. Every visitor must fill a consent form, sign and submit to the person in-charge authorizing the physician medical screening and examination. Such consent should be signed off after reading all items on the form and it is mandatory for all visitors.

Q. Who can receive such services?
A. The services are meant for the visiting devotees and families. However, the health fair is open to everyone without restrictions.

Q. Do you require an appointment?
A. No. It is a walk-in health fair. The visitors are expected to walk-in and fill a consent form and wait for their turn.

Date: 08/23/2003
Location: Sri Lakshmi Temple, Ashland, MA
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Organized By: NEHTI

Cost: Free

Contact: Venkat 781.647.9522

Email: NEHTI_YCEP@yahoo.com

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