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11th Annual Hindu Mandir Executives Conference
Theme - Awareness and Awakening: The Future Role of Hindu Mandirs and Institutions

Ensuring the sustenance and growth of Dharma requires our collective thought, action and commitment. The Hindu temples, institutions, teachers, priests and practitioners have a critical and significant role to play in ensuring that not only the nuclear family but the global Hindu community stays dynamic, vibrant and rooted in our eternal principles and value system. Further, by re-evaluating the strategic directions and re-assessing the current state, we can effectively channel our combined resources and time-tested teachings to bring awareness within the local communities and help eliminate the unconscious biases. Raising such widespread awareness will require continuous outreach by the Mandirs and Institutions into mainstream North American society.

This HMEC 2016 will deliberate upon how to leverage our core values and spiritualism not only for the sustenance of Hindu Dharma for generations to come but also strategies to benefit our adopted lands. Atlanta will be a venue where this important question is deliberated upon for strategic planning and execution.

By virtue of your proven commitment to the cause of Hindu Dharma, such an important deliberation is incomplete in your absence. Your presence and the temples’ representation is a key success factor for HMEC 2016.

HMEC 2012 is the next generation event of HMEC continued success and growth.

We request your honored presence and participation in the conference to shape the future trajectory of this important initiative. Please contact any member of the guiding team for additional information or clarification. Please visit www.myhmec.com for on‐line registration.

Date: 09/16/2016
Location: Holiday Inn Atlanta / Roswell Suites, 909 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, GA
Time: 9/16-9/18

Contact: 770-817-1414

Web: www.myhmec.com
Email: snehajimehta@gmail.com

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