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Transformational Technologies of Tomorrow:
Converging AI, Big Data and Robotics

Transformational Technologies of Tomorrow: Converging AI, Big Data and Robotics IIT AGNE invites you to the third event in the run up to Leadership Conference 2016, with the theme 'Leading transformation for a better tomorrow: Technologies that lift the human spirit'.

Today we google the question that just popped in our head using Siri, set our thermostat using a smartphone and book a ride to the airport on Uber, as Roomba cleans our living room floors.

What about dreaming of living in a Smart home equipped with smart appliances, going to the office or on vacation in a driverless car, playing with a smart basketball and riding on a bike with a Smart helmet, monitoring the health of your elderly parents or family while you are on a business trip, and infusing fashion with smart technology embedded in a dress?

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and Robotics are no longer exclusive to the purview of research labs or capital intensive manufacturing environment. Increasingly, tools and knowledge based on the ideas in these domains are becoming common place and fundamentally transforming our lives, the nature of our work, our thinking and our work schedules as well. The sharing economy based on these technologies, pioneered by companies like AirBnB and Uber, has opened up a whole host of options for us as producers and consumers.

How is the landscape changing within these domains of knowledge? How are they enhancing our understanding of ourselves, our society and the different environments we function in? How is technology impacting us as individuals, our workplaces and society as a whole?

At the same time as new solutions and technologies are harnessed to relieve our pain points, we are facing a different set of challenges arising out of these applications.

What: Panel Discussion on the Convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Robotics technologies and implications

Date: 01/23/2016
Location: Havana Conference Room, , 5th Floor, Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Cost: Free

Web: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/transformational-technologies-of-tomorrow-converging-ai-big-data-and-ro

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