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Sudarshan Kriya Course, Take control of your life
The Art of Living Course releases layers of stress without effort, removing blocks to the increased energy and joy that are our birthright. The course integrates modern methods with ancient spiritual heritage to bring you in touch with the silent core of your Being. The Sudarshan Kriya and related practices, as taught in Art of Living courses, have been the subject of medical research and scientific study since 1995. These techniques have been shown by independent, clinical trials to be effective in increasing lung capacity, reducing the blood plasma levels of cortisol, (the "stress hormone") and alleviating depression, to name a few of the tremendous benefits demonstrated by these studies.

Date: 04/03/2003
Location: First Congregational church in Winchester
Time: 6-9.30PM

Contact: (617) 504 - 4077

Email: artofliving_ma@hotmail.com

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