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Workshop on Positive Thinking
Change Negative into Positive You are what you think Over recent years many of us have become more aware of how to keep our bodies healthy. Today, there is an emphasis on wellness and an increasing curiosity about mastering the power of the mind. Yet how many of us have really explored our minds? The energy of the human mind is thought. Thought is said to be one of the greatest, but least understood, energy resources of the universe. The Positive Thinking workshop will improve your understanding of your mind and guide you in helping your mind create thoughts in a positive and healing way that is in cooperation with your needs. Through discussion, reflection and exercises, the workshop will show you how to face challenges, explore solutions and resolve conflicts with a more positive outlook. You will learn to feel more in control of your thoughts, actions and reactions.

Date: 11/09/2013
Location: ATFS Learning Center 433 South Street, Shrewsbury MA .01545
Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Contact: 978-436-1285

Email: shrewsburyrajayoga@yahoo.com| www.bkboston.org

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