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R.K. Shriramkumar - Lec Dem
Sri. R.K. Shriramkumar
accompanied by Sri. K.V.S. Vinay (Violin) and Sri. Pravin Sitaraman (Mridangam)
Understanding aspects of Manodharma from Compositions

Carnatic music is blessed in having a vast array of compositions, in variety of formats such as varnams, kiritis, padams and javalis to name a few. These compositions serve as cornerstones of the musical system. In this LecDem Vid R.K. Shriramkumar will talk about viewing these compositions as a source of creativity, he will highlight how these can be understood as stepping stones to improving various aspects of manodharma - alapana, niraval, swara kalpana and tanam.

Date: 11/10/2013
Location: 110 Davis Road, Acton, MA
Time: 7:00 pm

Cost: Free

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