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Alarmel Valli Bharatnatyam Recital
Asha for Education's MIT chapter proudly presents the renowned Bharat Natyam dancer, Alarmel Valli. Alarmel Valli is acclaimed not only for the perfection of her dance, but as a creative artist who brings depth, intensity and naturalness to her work, and who has extended the frontiers of her dance tradition. Basing her dance on the principle that Bharatanatyam is an infinitely expressive and evocative language, where every dancer writes her personal dance-poem, Valli has evolved her own distinct style that has been described as, "an effortless synchronisation of apparent contradictions - linearity and lyricism, symmetry and sinuosity, precision and poetry". Her work, drawing on her experience of world literature, poetry and the arts, remains within the broad framework of classical Bharatanatyam and is always contemporary - in its interpretation and in its scope to communicate internationally. A few of the forums in which she has worked, include Spic Macay in India, the Societe Italiana del Flauto Dolce and the Philarmonic society in Rome, the International Sommertanzwochen in Vienna, and 'Natyakala' - a Minneapolis society for the promotion of South East Asian dances, the University of Minnesota and the Institute of Modern Arts in Minneapolis.

Date: 03/29/2003
Location: Cohen Auditorium
Tufts University
Medford, MA
Time: 7:00 PM

Organized By: ASHA

Cost: Level 1 ($5 off for Students) - $30, Level 2 ($5 off for Students) - $20, Level 3 - $10, Children (6 -12 Years) - $10

Web: www.ashanet.org/mit

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