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Untitled / A Hindi Play / CANCELLED
An experimental theatre presentation scripted in Hindi & English

From greek mythologys unforgettable Medea, who is driven to ultimate revenge on a husband favoring a younger woman, to the Afghani woman who lived in the iron grip of the Taliban until so recently, Lushin Dubeys inspiration to portray the universal dominated woman stemmed from these roots and has evolved into the bold and hard-hitting solo - "Untitled". Why Untitled? Because it befits the nature of the role Dubey takes on, of nameless, faceless entities.
The play is a contemporisation of Dario Fos play on Medea, and seeks to explore connections with all the exploited women of today across the social, political and economic spectrum. Largely inspired by Vijayadan Dethas 'Nyari Nyari Maryada' as well, this experimental piece of work promises to take its audience on an exploration of the psyche of the woman living in the shadow of a domineering male presence.
Dubey's costars are her puppets, along with whom she plays eight different characters and who remain faceless - a theatrical device denoting how the men she hits back at are non-entities . Her only props are her dupatta (long scarf), hat, stick and a mask. Stripped clean of distracting sets, starkness sets the mood and spotlights her deeply moving, power packed narrative and gripping presentation of a tale of two women seeking revenge from their men. Lushin Dubey portrayal of multiple characters swings brilliantly and seamlessly from the lecherous old husband, his wife, a young girl in her teens and Medea's maid amongst others.
The play, a completely experimental venture, is directed by Arvind Gaur who heads the New Delhi-based theatre group Asmita that is committed to innovative and socially relevant theatre. It is in 85 per cent Hindi and 15 per cent in English.
Those among Namaskaar's audience last Season will recall Lushin Dubey for her theatre production titled ' The Life of Gautama Buddha' which was staged to a packed audience at the Purchase Center for Performing Arts. Dubey's theatre works in the past have been staged internationally and more often than not, focus on socially relevant themes.

Date: 06/21/2003
Time: 8:00 PM

Cost: $25

Contact: 203.322.9862

Web: www.worldonstage.org
Email: world@worldonstage.org

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