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International Career Leadership Forum
This is the world of Careers 2.0. The rules of success have changed. Hard work and perseverance are still essential, but to truly excel, you need to be self-directed, willing to take risks and able to demonstrate leadership ability no matter what your job title says.

That’s why we created the International Career Leadership Forum, an event for people who want to get the most out of their lives and careers.

What will you get when you attend the International Career Leadership Forum 2013?

Network with hundreds of talented young professionals from around the world
Get immigration advice from top experts
Infuse your career with definite purpose and direction
Discover what differentiates leaders and apply it to your life today
Build confidence and presence to impress managers and CEOs
Learn to demonstrate your value so that companies pay you more
Cultivate an unstoppable mindset

Date: 07/26/2013
Location: Boston University, Boston, MA
Time: 7/26-7/27

Cost: $295 and up

Web: http://careerleadershipforum.com/

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