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TiECON East 2014: Breaking Boundaries

Press Release

TiECON East, the largest startup conference on the East Coast, brings together entrepreneurs and startups from different sectors to network, get inspired, learn, and find mentors. 

We bring together three current technology trends influencing the economy in our Technology Track: Big Data, Cyber Security, and E-Payments.  Data Analytics is the go to tool these days and there is a constant search on how to better refine and leverage the immense amount of data that exists out there; hear about how Data is the New Oil and the opportunities it presents from experts in the Big Data world like Mindtree, Zettics, DataXu, and Barclays. Companies Co3 systems and Rapid7 discuss the future for Cyber Security startups and retail companies with all the investment opportunities because of recent major security breaches. Learn about the disruptions and opportunities presented by the unstoppable expansion of E-commerce from experts from Bluesnap, ACI Worldwide, Paydiant, Parthenon Capital & Merchant Warehouse at our “E-payments” Panel.  

Hear from the emerging hot sectors in Boston in our "Heat in the East" track and learn about the exploding industries of Robotics, Connected Health, and Internet of Things. "The Robots are Here" Panel will feature legendary speakers like Rodney Brooks of Rethink Robotics, Mick Mountz of Kiva Systems, Vgo Communications and Worcester Polytech talking about how robotics are fueling our local economy, enhancing people’s lives, and reshaping the technology landscape here and across the globe. Gain knowledge about the future of and technological innovation in the Healthcare ecosystem in our Connected Health Panel from a cross-section of representatives from the healthcare sector, including policy from Merck, data analytics from Optum Analytics, entrepreneurs like RxAdvance and eClinicalWorks, and start-ups like InfoBionic. Be exposed to industry leaders like Ascent Venture Partners, Dassault Systèmes’ ENOVIA, ioBridge, Axeda and ThingWorx that will give you a broad perspective about the IoT landscape and how it is working, why investors and companies are interested in this topic, and what needs to be done to capture the vast potential possible.

There is even a full track for Startups where you can learn about getting started without venture capital funds, how to effectively market your products to sell, and the best time and way to exit from those who have done it best like Jason Fliegel of CoachUp, Jules Pieri of The Grommit, and Emmy Award-winning George Bell as well as those who teach it best like experienced marketing professionals led by Bill Aulet of the Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.

You don't want to miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get inspired by luminary speakers, learn the latest industry trends, engage in unprecedented networking and find mentors from entrepreneurs with billion dollar exits. 

Be there, be seen, be heard!

Register now and pay discounted TiE member rate - Use Promo Code: TC14AP
For more information call 781-272-3875 or visit: www.tieconeast.org.

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