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Celestial Minds Students Anish, Suhas, Akhil Triumph In Chess Tourneys

Press Release

Celestial Minds students Anish, Suhas, Akhil triumph in Chess tourneys

Chess is gaining more popularity in the recent years and Celestial Minds training center run by Kavyashree Mallanna has definitely played a key role in making Chess more popular in the New England region amongst the local Indian community and children.  Celestial Minds Chess team has made the community happy and proud once again by winning in the New Hampshire State Scholastic Individual and Team Chess Championship for the year 2014.

In the recent New Hampshire Chess journal, Kavya was recognized for her efforts in  bringing large groups of Chess players into United States Chess Federation events. She has trained over 300 players till date as a part of her original organization Prema Chess Lab (est 2003) and through Celestial Minds. Kavya who has achieved International Organizer Norm from World Chess Federation a has also provided Chess tournament platform to many budding talents by organizing USCF rated championships.

Three of her students Suhas Katikaneni, Anish Kammila and Akhil Kammila have consistently performed in the recent USCF events conducted by New Hampshire and Massachusetts State Chess Associations.
Other students of Celestial Minds Shreyas Sinha, Praneet Nadella, Shounak Mukherjee, Sanjana Kunnikuru  have also emerged in top five places.
Celestial Minds is also happy to share that, Udhay Vijay who started learning from Kavya back in 2003 has now started a chess club in his school and is spreading the game amongst his classmates.

Celestial Minds is proud to share their achievements with the community.

Celestial Minds Students- Elementary section : Recent tournament results in the New England region

Suhas Katikaneni :
2nd place February Freeze at Harrisville, NH
2nd place   NH Scholastic individual championship
1st place Papa Gino's open U-12years, Chelmsford MA  
2nd place NH Scholastic team chess championship

Anish Kammila
3rd place  ,NH Scholastic individual championship
2nd place NH Scholastic team chess championship
1st place Burger King Championship Chelmsford MA

Akhil Kammila
2nd place NH Scholastic Team chess championship
4th place Burger King Championship Chelmsford MA
1st place Chess Quiz

Celestial Minds to host the prestigious  New England Junior Open Chess Championship 2014
This year once again, Celestial Minds is proud to host  USCF rated New England Junior Open Chess Championship-2014 for K-12th grade players.
Chess amateurs are welcome to attend and watch the games.  A simultaneous Chess Display will be given by USCF Expert Rated player Kavyashree Mallanna followed by lessons on Chess basics. This is free to all the chess enthusiasts. Celestial Minds invites all the New England players to be a part of this Chess championship and Simul display.

Event Details:  June 8th in Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford MA at 1pm
phone: 603-204-1375
Tournament registration details :


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