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Recipes - Banana Blossom Recipes



To prepare the flower for cooking, remove outer leaves until the inner portion is revealed. Some recipes advise steaming the whole blossom for 20 minutes or so before cutting into it. This may also be done in the microwave oven in a much shorter time by first putting the blossom on a dish and covering it with microwave-proof plastic wrap. Allow to cool before slicing. Wear gloves when cutting the flower, as it can give black stains. Now consume or further prepare the flower.


Banana flowers are normally eaten as a complement to a dish as a side vegetable. The flower can be eaten raw or cooked. You can also fry or boil it.

When to eat

Eat flowers which look fresh and bright. Often they are wrapped in transparent plastic, this keeps them from drying out too quickly. Keep the flowers refrigerated and consume within a few days.






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