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For The Mathematically Inclined

Anil Saigal

A quart bottle contains a mixture that is 1/3 antifreeze, 2/3 water. A half gallon bottle contains a mixture that is 3/4 antifreeze, 1/4 water. The contents of the two bottles are poured into a gallon jug. What is the ratio of antifreeze to water in the jug?


A group of children share marbles from a bag. The first child takes one marble and a tenth of the remainder. The second child takes two marbles and a tenth of the remainder. The third child takes three marbles and a tenth of the remainder. And so on until the last child takes whatever is left. Knowing that all the children end up with the same number of marble, how many children were there and how many marbles did each one get?


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Problems from 04/24/14


What is the sum of the angle measures in the shape in Figure 1 on the right?

1440 degrees.

What is the value of:


Congratulations to Giri Anand, Kishore Balsara and Saba Lateef, who were the winners of the last set of puzzles. Here are two puzzles for one and all!

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Figure 1

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