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B. D. Nayak, National Leadership Award

Press Release

Congratulations to B.D. Nayak, Architect and a resident of Braintree, who has been awarded the National Leadership Award by the National Republican Congressional Committee in recognition of "outstanding service and commitment to Republican ideals, and in particular, for assistance and leadership in promoting a pro-business agenda including tax reform and fiscal responsibility."

Mr. Nayak serves as a Honorary State Chairman of Massachusetts Business Advisory Council. The council was formed to involve the country's top business leaders in the process of government reform. Their experience and knowledge, together with their get-it-done attitude, will lead the way as the country deals with the critical issues that affect economic stimulus in this country...debt reduction, retirement/social security, tax reduction and simplification, and ending government waste and inefficiency.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate, Nayak is member of the American Institute of Architects and certified by the National Council of Architects Registration Board to practice architecture in the U.S. Mr. Nayak has taken part in architectural competitions at local, national and international levels and has won numerous awards for his work.

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