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Women Of Influence - Geetha Ramamurthy

Nirmala Garimella

Geetha Ramamurthy is the co-founder and CEO of Boston, USA based Career Confidence and she initiated the India headquarters in Bangalore known as Ignite Career Confidence Pvt. Ltd. Its mission is to offer the best Communication and Career Development skills to corporate workforce and college students. Since its inception in 2012, it has conducted long term training and workshops at several companies and colleges.

    Ms. Ramamurthy was the founding executive Director of the Boston Chapter of TiE and serves as its charter member. In her role, she developed the Boston chapter to be the second largest and most active chapter and she lead two VC delegation trips to India, which included a group leading VCs from USA.  She is the creator of TYE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) an education program for youth, designed to teach high school students how to be entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Today, 25 TiE Global chapters participate in TYE program.  She serves as the Chairperson of the TYE Global Program and board member of the TiE Bangalore Education SIG (Special Interest Group).

    Ms. Ramamurthy received a B.S. M.T. from Northeastern University, Boston, USA. She is advisor to several start-up companies. Ms. Ramamurthy serves on the Dean's advisory council, North Eastern University, Boston and is the Member, Communication Skills Advisory Board, VIT University, Jaipur, India.

Share with us your current work?

 I founded Ignite Career Confidence Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore in 2013. Career Confidence provides the best Communication and Career Development skills to students entering the workforce and corporate employees. Our training increases the confidence and marketable skills of people and the utilization and productivity of individuals and companies. In addition, we are undertaking the complete transformation of schools to prepare them for the 21st century learning.

Foundations and societies own and manage large groups of institutions in India’s education sector. In response, we are developing a partnership ecosystem with NGO’s and channel partners to improve the system. Together, we are deploying innovative programs such as entrepreneurship education, a train the trainer initiative, along with our successful core training programs in communication skills and career development.

On the corporate front, our approach involves understanding the specific skill gaps between employee and company. Beginning with stronger college to corporate readiness, we train employees to better utilize their core competencies to the work environment. Our results have been more engaged and productive employees as well as strong relationships with our client companies.As the CEO of Career Confidence, I enjoy meeting new partners and building relationships with clients, working with my team to grow the company.

 Why did you chose to pursue your particular career path?

I believe any individual has limitless potential for success. Empowering the individual with the right skills will unleash that potential….this belief inspired me to start the project in India.

Why India? India has the largest number of young people in the world; huge human resource capital. It is important that we evolve learning and employability methodology in all sectors so it will fuel India’s future economic growth.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity to give back. Our vision is to transform and prepare people for their career and life successes through learning and building of right skill sets. You could help us reach out to people who have business in India through an introduction to Geetha Ramamurthy at geetha@career-confidence.com

What are the personal /environmental attributes that have helped you succeed in your career?

With all projects I take on, I strive to inspire and be inspired. Environmentally, I have two homes, one in Boston and the second home in Bangalore. Both places inspired my sense of business innovation and cultural fulfillment. This balance has been the key to my success.

What challenges if any have you faced in your career path ?

I have been a single mother for a long period, which posed a certain amount of challenges. I transitioned from a structured career path to build a non-profit organization (TiE Boston), which required a considerable risk, dedication and effort. TiE fueled my passion to pursue entrepreneurship and I decided to take the plunge and start my own business.

What advice would you give women trying to follow your career path?

Build a very strong network of right people and be willing to share your career passions with people and seek their advice. Never underestimate the small things.

What lasting impact do you expect from your work?

Transform people for their professional and life successes and inspire change agents

What is the secret to your maintaining a work -life balance?

Eat good food, buy a comfortable bed and spend as little time as possible in traffic! Always compromise on small things, but never compromise on the big things.

I dedicate to my plans, dreams and goals and I aim to make it happen through discipline and persistence.

What activities outside of work are you involved in ? (Charity, arts, community service etc)

I serve on the Dean’s Advisory Board, Northeastern University, Advisory board, Jaipur University, Education Core Committee, TiE Bangalore and Chairperson, TYE Global (TiE Young Entrepreneurs)

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy listening to music, attending cultural programs, sketching, speaking and writing

Who are the People who you admire/ inspired /emulate?

I have a great sense of admiration to my parents, late Dr. Radhakrishna and late Mrs. Pankaja, who taught me humility and philanthropy.I am grateful to my late husband, Dr. Gollu Ramamurthy for the inspiration, support and love and for giving me an opportunity to come to Boston.I was fortunate to work closely and learn from the leaders of TiE global organization.

I am thankful for my son Shyam Ramamurthy for putting up with me, keeping me grounded and supporting me in my endeavors.

 What is your personal philosophy of living life?

Although, things are constantly changing around me, I strive to make my life is comfortable, joyful,  rewarding and Fun!

What was your happiest moment in life?

I have had many happy moments in my life, to name a few – joining my late husband in Boston, working with him at Harvard, when I joined Northeaster University as transfer student, when my son was born and when I started the TyE (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) education program in 2005.When a student from the first ever training batch wrote to me “I now communicate in English well with my colleagues, boss and children. I performed very well in my recent interview; I am very proud of myself and thank you.”…Wasseem


When there were low points in your life  what advice did you value the most to pull through?

Snap back, look forward and override the obstacles by identifying the source of frustration and commit to either fixing or minimizing it. Follow your passion.

Do you have a fitness routine that you would like to share?

I workout in the gym regularly, yoga and eat right

 Do you have a beauty routine that you would like to share –

Take vitamins, be happy, meditation, and attend to the usual face and body treatments

Do you have favorite book/author –--     Do you have a favorite song/ musician? 

The adventures of Huckleberry Fin by Mark Twain, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Pride and Prejudice, Swami Vivekananda and other business books.

Do you like to cook? What is your favorite dish to make?

I enjoy cooking, but I need to be in the mood. I love to make stir-fry chicken and fish with vegetables and it is special when I cook with Shyam (my son).

One fun fact about you

I am often called the energizer bunny and recognized for it, but sometimes I forget how to unwind. 

Any special words of advice for women.  Any piece of information you wish you had known growing up?

I grew up thinking that the ultimate focus for a woman is to marry and settle. I quickly learned that life if full of uncertainties and opportunities and I had to constantly learn to adapt to changing situations. Be open minded and welcome change.

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