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Happy Father's Day - You Know You Are A Desi Dad If...


You know you are a desi dad if


  1. Your kids carry your last name even if it is an unpronounceable Bhatvadekar or Mokshadayakan and your wife’s as simple as Ram.
  2. You own a pair Ray Ban sunglasses, you know the kind that went out of style in 1987.
  3. You drive a green/black Toyota Camry.
  4. You carry a picture of yourself, ten years younger in your wallet.
  5. In your wallet,you have, calling cards of people you have met once, probably will never meet again.
  6. You sit your son down on his 21st Birthday to inform him about the birds and the bees.
  7. You have saved boarding passes from every flight the family has taken to India.
  8. A couple of pointless anecdotes, you carry everywhere unleashing it on unsuspecting strangers.
  9. You have a phony accent for special occasions.
  10. You always carry a couple of Rupee notes.
  11. Your medicine cabinet has only two items- Dabur amla tel and jet black hair dye.
  12. You are an uncle to all the Indian kids in the state.
  13. You have a tool kit you have never used.
  14. You have twenty cousins in the US whose yearly visits you secretly dread.
  15. You have a son who thinks you are boring.
  16. You have a daughter who thinks the world of you.
  17. You freak out every time your kid brings home an A-.
  18. You make your kids speak to your parents in India every weekend.
  19. You have a wife who believes she is smarter than you but will never let you in on the secret.
  20. You secretly know that she is!
  21. You are the best kind of dad in the world!

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