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In Conversation With Ankit Agarwal Of Boston International

Nirmala Garimella

Boston International was started in 2008 by five graduates from Harvard College, IIT Delhi and University of California, Berkeley  They realized that Boston youth is at the margin of conversation about international affairs and so started BI with the mission to bring cutting edge research to young professionals and graduate students and help them become leaders of tomorrow. I talked to Ankit Agarwal who is one of the members on the Board about the activities on the Board.

Who serves on the board of BI?

Five young professionals with interest in International affairs, economics, national security and domestic politics are part of the Board. All of us currently work full time along with managing Boston International.

You can find out more at (http://www.bostoninternational.org/leadership-team/)

How did you get involved?

The organization came into being right around the time I moved to Boston. I knew two founders and was invited to the event discussing recent earthquake in Haiti titled "Haiti and Beyond". The energy and enthusiasm in the event combined with the intensity of debate on the issue motivated me to become part of this organization

What are its major objectives?

The mission of the organization is to bring cutting edge research to young professionals in Boston by providing thought leadership on international affairs, and facilitating networking opportunities. We want to help local young professionals to be become leaders who can understand and address the issues facing our world.

What are some of your current activities?

We plan to organize one event each month from fields of international affairs, politics, economics, national security, etc. Along with this we also organize a Christmas fete at the end of the year to give our members an opportunity to network. Our last event was on 23rd October, 2013 and we are  hosting world renowned author and entrepreneur, Christopher Schroeder, who will discuss his current book "Startup Rising : The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East"

How does one get involved?

The best way to get involved is to attend our events and meet our members. We send out regular information about our events via our website (www.bostoninternational.org), emails, Facebook and twitter.  You can also join our mailing list either by sending us an email at info@bostoninternational.org or visiting our through our website (www.bostoninternational.org)

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Board of Boston International with Christopher Schroeder. From left to right, Cathy Ortiz, Ankit Agarwal, Chris Schroeder, Dan Espinal, Layusa Isa Odidi

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