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Lalgudi Narthanam - A Dance Journey


It is no exaggeration to state that every day of the year, somewhere on the globe, some dancer is performing Bharatanatyam to one of the compositions of the violin Maestro LALGUDI JAYARAMAN. Such is the range and allure of the creations of this legendary musician, who has made a lasting contribution to a field of performing art that was not his own. The Margam, which literally means, Path, refers to the list of individual items of the Bharatanatyam repertoire presented in a given order in a performance. Lalgudi Jayaraman has been an innovator within the framework of tradition with his own creations and with the music he has composed for poetry for the Margam, which have brought in a fresh perspective to the dancer and dance.

 The programme  Lalgudi Narthanam (The Dance of Lalgudi) is a homage to one of the greatest musicians of our times , where


and the disciples of her school Thillai Fine Arts Academy,

 Amritha Mangalat, Ramya Ramadurai, Anjana Mangalat and Jaya Aiyer

 present his compositions in Bharatanatyam.

 SUJATHA VIJAYARAGHAVAN, the dance scholar and writer, who has worked in close association with Lalgudi Jayaraman for his magnum opus, the operatic dance drama JAYA JAYA DEVI, will compere the show with an exposition of the salient features in melody, rhythm and poetry to highlight the creative genius of the composer.

 At 5 pm on 20th October, 2013

 At Chinmaya Maruti Auditorium

 Contact for tickets: durga.krishnan@gmail.com



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