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Gyani Hemsingh Ji From Bangla Saheb Inspires Sikhs In New England

Ranjani Saigal

On Friday, Aug. 9, 2013, Gyani Hemsingh ji, Granthi at the famous Gurudwara Bangla Saheb in New Delhi, gave an inspirational discourse at the Gurudwara in Milford, MA.

He touched on several topics with the central theme – “Do not fight and separate, come together (Thodna nahin Jodna hai). 

He spoke eloquently on several topics quoting extensively from the scriptures.  Speaking about the value of the “Name” he expanded the meaning of Nanak and said “He is one who is compassionate, unique and Kabir – the greatest in the world.”  How did the Gurudwara in New Delhi get to be named Bangla Saheb? “It was the Bangla of a queen who had no children. One of the Sikh Gurus Har Kishan ji blessed the queen and she bore several children. She was so overwhelmed that she gave that space over for a Gurudwara and hence it was named Bangla Saheb.”

How did Gyan Hemsingh ji choose to become a Granthi?
“It is only with the bless of Guru Harkishan ji. I learned the scriptures and later took some advanced training in music. The calling came and I was ready to serve.”

What does he consider as some of the highlights of his career?
“I will never forget the amazing journey of carrying a Golden Palkhi from Bangla Saheb in New Delhi to Nankana Saheb in Pakistan. A devotee had seen the Palkhi (where the Guru Granth Saheb is kept) in Nankana Saheb and was disturbed to see the state. He decided to make an offering of a Golden Palkhi.  I was chosen to lead the procession and take the Palkhi to Pakistan. It was an incredible experience as an unimaginable number of people decided to join the procession.  So many were sweeping the road on which the bus carrying the Palkhi was moving.  It was the most amazing experience.” Nankana Saheb, where Guru Nanak was born is a very holy place for the Sikhs.  

What message did he have for the people in New England?
“Keep the Lord always in your heart. Always try to come together. Never try to create conflict”. A lovely message from a great spiritual Granthi. After the discourse, the audience was treated to a lovely Langar sponsored by Baban and Hiroo Motwani.  It was and enlightening was to spend a Friday evening.

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