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Satya Mitra Elected President Of Rotary International - Worcester Chapter

Anil Saigal

Dr. Satya Mitra
President 2013-2014, Rotary Club of Worcester

Dr. Satya Mitra came to America from India in 1976 with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and an intention to pursue his career in biomedical research. He came as a postdoctoral fellow to the School of Medicine in Louisville, KY, where he later became a research assistant professor in the Obstetrics & Gynecology Department. In 1982, he moved to Worcester after receiving an offer for a scientist position at what was then known as the EG&G Mason Research Institute.

Interestingly, for some divine reasons, his professional journey changed, and he became a tax consultant, financial planner, wealth management, and investment advisor. He credited these achievements to the blessings of his family priest (aka “GURU”). So, in 1990, he along with his wife Sheema started a part-time tax practice from their home basement and named the business “The Guru Tax & Financial Services” to honor the blessings of his Guru. In 1994, getting instructions from his Guru, he quit his career in science and dedicated himself to serving people’s need in their tax and financial matters. “You can name the business after me if you can use this vehicle to help people in the community,” was his Guru’s instruction, and Satya along with his family is profoundly dedicated to carry out that mission. Dr. Mitra is the president of his company, which now also has a branch office in Burlington, MA in addition to the head office in Worcester. His success as a tax consultant and financial planner has earned him invitations to represent USA as a delegate of financial planners team to visit China and India.

Satya strongly believes in helping people and the community; he lives with the philosophy that life is only meaningful and purposeful if you can live this life to serve the needy and underprivileged. Today, while running a successful business of his own, he is also deeply involved with many organizations in the City of Worcester. He is a corporator of the Worcester Art Museum, the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, and the Worcester State University Foundation. He is also a member of the Isaiah Thomas Society of the American Antiquarian Society, a board member of Centro Las America, and a member of the Planning Board of the City of Worcester. In addition, he hosts two radio programs every week, “Tax Talk & Planning” and “It Is Not Only Money,” at the local WTAG radio station. He is also past president of India Society of Worcester and Indian American Forum for political Education at Boston.

As a dedicated Rotarian for the last six years, he has been the recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow Award. Now, as a president of the Worcester Rotary Club, he envisions creating partnerships with various organizations in the city, working together to March On to make this community a healthier and better place to live. He serves this position with a dedication to accomplish his mission: “Live for others.”

Satya’s source of inspiration radiates from the divine blessings of his Guru and the superior support of his wife Sheema and his two sons, Abiskar and Alingon.

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